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Scott Mathison Full-Body Workout
If you want to plan a rushed period to get all of your muscles in check before the beach season arrives, you will want to read carefully. The Performix athlete Scott Mathison has a system which makes it easy to hit ever single major muscle group in your body, and it has proven to be incredibly effective. If you?re short on time to do anything regarding a weight workout, this system makes it possible for you to keep taking steps toward the achievement of your goals. You don?t have to have weak results just because you don?t have time to practice. Sounds counterintuitive, doesn?t it?

However, Scott Mathison is convinced that you can make this system work and if you try it, maybe you will be too. This system encompasses a resistance workout that can be done in a very short time, so you can still make it to that class or meeting.

Mathison says that this system has nine exercises that work on all of the major muscle groups at once. Four of them are movements which utilize multiple joints, which means they activate more muscles than movements that work on a single joint. These movements make you stronger and more able to lift more, push more and pull more ? you probably know them ? squats, pull-ups, military presses and dumbbell bench presses. When you work on so many muscles so quickly, the body burns a whole lot more calories than usual and it also builds a lot more muscle!

This plan dictates that the exercises will be grouped into supersets, where two exercises are done one right after the other without any rest in between, and also giant sets that link three exercises instead of two. Mathison says that if you use the same equipment, the time it takes for you to finish your session is shortened, while your heart rate goes up, making your session more effective. In order to determine which weights you should use, the recommendation is that you use a weight that will allow you to do 10 reps and then reach muscle failure, which means you wouldn?t be able to perform 11 reps. Tweak your weights until you reach this optimum.

The supersets and giant sets should be repeated twice in total, with one to two minutes of recuperation after the completion of a round. Mathison says that you can put more weight on the bar or raise the number of reps you do if you don?t care about form that much, however that brings consequences ? you will lose your focus on the muscles that you?re targeting and you will be much more prone to injury.

He also says that if you don?t really know how to do a movement in the correct fashion, go online and look it up. The information is accessible now and we should all use the correct forms of the movements, as much as possible. Note that since this workout is very low-volume, you can do it a few times per week and still be okay.

The Sets

The first giant set targets the chest, back and abdominal muscles. You begin the set by doing 10 reps of dumbbell bench presses and then immediately getting up and jumping on the pull-up bar. Do one set until muscular failure and without resting, go straight to the barbell ab roll-out for one set until muscle failure. Rest for a minute or two and do it again.

The second superset targets the shoulders. You start the set by doing 10 reps of military dumbbell presses and then immediately go into lateral raises for 10 reps. Rest for one to two minutes and do it again.

The third superset targets the biceps and triceps. Start by doing 10 reps of barbell skullcrushers immediately followed by 10 reps of barbell curls. Rest for one to two minutes and do it again.

The fourth superset targets the legs. Start by doing 10 reps of barbell squats and then immediately doing 10 reps of dumbbell calf raises. Rest for a minute or two and do it again.

Tips From Scott Mathison

Also, there are certain things that you need to consider which concern each exercise individually.

TIP 1: With the dumbbell bench presses, Scott Mathison says that you need to lower the weights slightly below the point at which your elbows make a 90 degree angle, and then press up until your arm is fully extended.

TIP 2: With the pull-ups, he says that you should look to bring your chin over the bar and then lower yourself until your arms are fully extended. If you can?t do 10 reps, he says it?s okay to use an assisted pull-up machine.

TIP 3: Concerning the barbell ab roll-outs, he says that you should get on your knees and roll the barbell out directly in front of you ? take note that the more you roll it forward, the harder it?s going to get. For maximum efficiency, keep your abs pulled in during the movement.

TIP 4: The military dumbbell presses are fairly simple as well ? stand with the weights in your hands, then press them up and put them together to achieve a full arm extension. Also, don?t put the weights down after that rep ? it?s much better for their lowest point to be the one where the elbow bend is less than 90 degrees.

TIP 5: The lateral raises have a little trick to them ? in order to make them work the best they possibly can, you will need to lock a little bend in your elbows and keep it for the duration of the set.

TIP 6: The barbell skullcrushers require that you keep your upper arms in a position perpendicular to your body so that your elbows are the only thing moving, which will have an extra effect on your triceps.

TIP 7: The barbell curls also require that you lock your elbows in place because they are also single-joint movements. Keep your elbows tight to your sides and you?ll be fine.

TIP 8: The squats need your back completely straight to do them effectively, but your core muscles also have to be very tight. For best effect, drive through your heels when you do the upward motion.

TIP 9: When doing calf raises, you will need to raise your feet on a stair or a plate to get your calves as stretched as possible. When you reach the bottom, don?t bounce up since it can be counterproductive and can make you more prone to injury. Instead, lift yourself up as high as possible on the balls of your feet for the best results.

Scott Mathison Full-Body Workout