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Workouts For Chest ? 4 Exercises For Building Mass
We all want to build mass, but some muscles are more desired than others. One such muscle group is the chest ? if you work on your pecs you get a big pump in the muscle tissue which then gets really hard and makes you feel really satisfied and powerful. Since everyone wants to build mass in their chest, but also define the muscles as best as possible, here are some exercises that you should do once or twice weekly to get your chest to look fantastic.

1. Bench Press

If you?re not doing bench presses, you?re not working on your chest. If you can only find enough time to do a single chest exercise, this should be it, since it adds more mass than any other exercise, but it also makes you far stronger.

2. Incline Dumbbell Press

If you want your chest to be full through and through, especially at the top, this is the exercise for you. It fills in that area between your pectorals and your shoulder muscles and it?s versatile in regards to equipment as well ? you can do it with a barbell or a dumbbell.

3. Dumbbell Flyes

This exercise works as a definer ? it shapes already engorged muscles, particularly your pecs. It will also give them a bit of wideness and stretches them out after doing the heavier sets. You can do this exercise inclined, declined or lying on a flat bench.

4. Push-up

This one will squeeze all the juice out of your chest that you didn?t manage to squeeze with any of the others. Change the positions of your hands for variations ? wider for the outer parts of the pecs, closer for your triceps and the inner part, but also incline and decline variations. A lot of pushups means an awesome chest!

Workouts For Chest ? 4 Exercises For Building Mass