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How to Develop an Adonis Belt
The ?Adonis belt?, also known as ?Apollo?s belt? is the area where 2 abdominal muscles form a V-shape alongside your hips and end at the crotch. This ab muscle feature takes its name from the Greek god of youth, fertility, and beauty, Adonis. The grooves that form the Adonis belt, are not actually muscles, but ligaments. That?s why getting a visible Adonis belt does not require gaining more muscle tissue, but simple fat loss.

Let?s list several facts about the Adonis belt:

1. It is not a muscle. Its shape comes from the inguinal ligament.

2. There is no special food or supplements you could take that will make you get an Adonis belt faster, though drinking protein shakes might help you feel fuller for prolonged periods and increase muscle size.

3. Having an Adonis belt that is visible does not necessarily mean that you?re physically fit or healthy overall.

4. Every person has ab muscles and an inguinal ligament.

We have already stated that the two grooves that form the Adonis belt are not muscles, but ligaments. They?re a thick connective tissue which goes through the external oblique ab muscles and the groin and into the front part of the iliac spine. Individuals who are physically weak might have a clearly visible inguinal ligament, while those who are fit and strong might not.

Most of the time, having a visible Adonis belt is related to your body fat levels. People who have a lower body fat percentage are more likely to have this shape. That means that someone could spend a couple of hours everyday training abs and still not have a visible Adonis belt or any other sign of ab strength, for that matter. In order for someone to have visible abs, their body fat percentage needs to be below fifteen percent. For a visible Adonis belt, that body fat percentage may go as low as 7-13 percent, which is very difficult to achieve.

How to develop an adonis belt ?

Eating a diet protein rich diet increases the feeling of fullness and aids in losing weight. To get the Adonis belt, at first you might think it?s a good idea to train the hip and ab muscles. However employing this strategy will simply not work. Fat spot reducing, or the notion that it?s possible to reduce the amount of fat in a specific part of your body with specific isolation movements is a big lie.

Making a muscle stronger and increasing its size won?t make it visible if you?re covered in too much fat. Proper dieting and exercising are the biggest contributors to fat loss. Since genetics play a big role when it comes to how much fat you can gain or lose, it?s easier for some to get an Adonis belt. Eating a lower number of calories than your body requires for energy can greatly increase fat loss. This means lowering your total daily caloric consumption.

It?s also helpful to reduce the consumption of sweets, candy, and fast carbs. There are also some food products that require a greater amount of energy to be burned in order to be digested. One such example is protein. Protein will make you feel full for longer periods and it is the perfect choice for those who don?t want to overeat. And since protein is a crucial nutrient for optimal muscle growth, increasing your protein consumption can make the process of getting visible abs much quicker. Exercises which involve multiple groups of muscle and that get the heart pumping, expend a lot more calories than isolation movements like sit-ups or crunches.

Some of the most popular examples of intensive cardio activities are: swimming, sprinting, jumping rope, punching-bag workouts, football, tennis, soccer or other athletic sports. The longer you perform an exercise and the more intense and exhaustive it is, the greater the number of calories you burn, which means increased fat loss. We already mentioned that having a visible Adonis belt is not a great indicator of how fit someone actually is.

However, if you do want to get the look you can do certain exercises that will make the process faster. Building new muscle tissue will make the body burn more calories, which, again, means increased fat loss. Additionally, making the muscles around the inguinal ligament stronger can make the area look a lot more defined and aid in fat burning.

How to Develop an Adonis Belt